Sunday, 1 April 2012


Blacks, African Americans, N*ggers, I could continue but would rather not black list this post. In America, Black people were repressed they were exploited, made to work degrading jobs for no pay, they were criminalised and down trodden daily. Call someone a dumb violent animal enough and they will start to think they are. Blacks had no money, no future, no hope. They then turned to crime, to violence, they forsook an education, they forsook their future, and this was after they were emancipated! This of course changed with the black movement and African Americans (AA for short) Now have a brighter outlook than before. There are many black people becoming more and more successful, though many are still at the bottom, they now have more identity and a better future. They have found solace in religion, in hard work and maybe just maybe America is allowing them to slowly build up and become better off

"Muslims make up about 6% of the population in the United States. The majority of conversions to this growing religion is occurring within the African-American community (a little over 11% of America's population)."

There is of course cause to believe that things are so jolly, but for too long have my blogs been so depressing and negative that I am going to end with a positive outlook :)

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