Sunday, 1 April 2012


This website is quite good it goes into detail about the author, Barbara Ehrenreich who is apparently that rarest of breeds, a 21st century American who still clings to the tenets of Socialism. This is a suggestion of Lewis Lapham, "She decided to try to see how people moving from welfare to work might be faring and if she could survive on the minimal income provided by a series of low level jobs. Allowing herself a small amount of startup money, she went to Key West, FL; Orchard Beach, ME; and Minneapolis, MN; and found work and a place to live, with a goal of saving enough by the end of the month to pay the next month's rent. Her jobs consisted of waitressing and working as a hotel maid in Florida, working at a nursing home and a house cleaning service in Maine, and at Wal-Mart in Minnesota."

It criticises her for being not realistic enough
" One of her main problems is the cost of rent--which must be recognized as a significant problem for a society that expects people to be able to afford living quarters near the hot economies that are producing jobs. But it seems abundantly obvious that rent would be less of a problem if she was splitting it with a roommate, friend, or family member. In fact, this is so obvious that her endless complaining abut her rent loses its effectiveness because we realize how easy a problem this would be to alleviate."

Game set match. Though this of course is unfair to just disregard her for this one little point, but it is true, soz babz but I have not admiration for you, please go away.

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