Sunday, 1 April 2012

The Russian Perspective on American and Chinese Relations

After looking over the piece what is in fact evident here is that America knowing its in decline is attempting to build a relationship with China who now seem as if they in some years time will almost be able to live in the economic stability that America felt throughout the nineties.

The piece itself being Russian written is extremely biased against the Americans and the odd thing is it does exactly what it is trying not to do which is praise the Chinese. The article states that you could compare the two countries as if they were ships which are about to collide, America knowing that China seems to have beat them with China holding a significant amount of American debt.

The article also seeks to bring to light some truths on the American relations with China and ways which it has sought to improve them. For instance Ping Pong, the Americans would send over a Ping Pong team to play the Chinese in order to make this seem like nothing is going on yet the relations themselves seemed to be founded upon the fear Americans have of China overtaking them.

The article states that America now in decline attempted the Go2 summit which allowed them to remain a dominant power and China to become 2nd. This has soured the relations and the real problem the interviewee feels is America's declining the Chinese the opportunity to be just like them and get a chance at a life they may otherwise never have.

China as a whole within the population seems to be very pro American with 350 million per year learning English as they wish to adopt the American lifestlye, but like Alasdair stated in the lecture it is not American if countries like China and India can achieve this life of excess.

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