Thursday, 19 January 2012

American Identity

This website represents the organisation LGBTI ( Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersexual Oraganisation). It is an organisation set up to alow individuals who feel they fit this quota to find out information on and express their view points on being within this identity group and explore what options they have and what attitudes towards them are not only within the United States but across the world.

There is an option to look up where these organisations are based within the world due to a map where you locate your country and find where your societies lie. This in itself shows not only a local but a global recognition to this identity, suggesting that it is an accepted identity if not now a celebrated one. The importance of this identity is expressd through this website as members have the option to comment their feelings, experiences and opinions on a question which changes weekly. For example this weeks: 'Have you experienced homophobia or lesbophobia from your healthcare provider?' There is then the option to answer yes, no or to more specific answer groups. This then leads on to further comments. This shows a unity for this identity as members are able to share their experiences and learn more about how them as a society are being treated and what maybe needs to be done to gain themselves more equality.

Information into this identity is vast within this website/organisation as it allows users to see and understand what the opportunities are out there for them. For example there is a section called: 'What are the laws and policies like for LGBTI people in your country?' where you can click onto a number of diferent topic tabs such as ' Armed forces, Marriage and subsitutes to Marriage, LGBTI families/parenting and Gender Identity' These topics then go on to discuss what the laws and options for you are within your area, giving you information and guidlines towards feeling comfortable in this situation within your gender identity.

This organisation I believe therefore is a great source for those who fit this sexual identity as it alows the members not only to discuss amoungst themselves their own expereinces and stories but it provieds outside information aimed to help them through their lives within this identity therefore suggesting that this is a cared about society. The aim of this website/organisation is ultimatly to 'help' showing the importance of the identity as this organisation wants these people to continue on in their lives happy with their identity while being able to get the best out of their life within this and their surrounding area.

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