Sunday, 22 January 2012

American Identity

The website that I have chosen for this weeks blog task is a website called Feminists for Life.

This website acts as a voice for American women and advocates a pro life policy with a women's right to better choices in life and the ability to have an education and career plan without sacrificing her children.

The group was established in 1972 under the name of Feminists for Life of America and they aim to seek solutions for the challenges that the everyday American woman may face with their main values being non-discrimination, values of justice and non-violence. Their main belief is that abortion is a reflection on society and that it hasn't met the needs of women and that women are forced into the decision of abortion.

What is being asserted with this website is that the group are showing the importance of identity because they are trying to make women realise that there are alternative solutions to abortion and they aim to fight society into giving women better choices in life. I found this website to be very interesting as even though this is a feminist group it is against pro choice which in my opinion, goes against the whole idea of being a feminist and making your own decisions.

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