Sunday, 29 January 2012

American Immigration Progect

I chose this website showing a 5th grade social studies project on immigration as I felt it included alot of depth and work in its task. Students are asked to look into detail at the events on Ellis Island during this period. The detail that these students have to go into and the owrk load i feel is vast, showing to me that the curriculum obviously takes great pride in this area of sudy and wants the students to understand it and have as much knowledge on it as possible. Students are asked too:

Students will use the internet in order to view original pictures taken during the immigration period at Ellis Island.
Students will build their their vocabulary by completing a Word Search puzzle and by defining the words related to the project.
Students will develop reading skills by reading a true account of the journey to America told by an immigrant child.
Students will develop their interviewing and writing skills by interviewing a person who is an immigrant from another country to the United States and publishing their story on the web for others to read.

This task includes alot of 'Taking to your classmates' and 'Sharing with the class' therefore I feel the intention is to get everybody interested in and talking about US history and their throught on it even at this young age. To me that shows that schools obviously take great pride in their culture and their history as they are encouraging students to get talking about it and share an interest as ost American roots stem from that of immigrants.

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