Thursday, 19 January 2012

American Identity

I chose to look at this website as I found it interesting that the group were representing gay Christians in the United States as this is something not commonly found. The website offers a meeting place for members of the gay community that hold Christian beliefs because they are not widely accepted into Christian churches.

An aspect of the website I found interesting were the images that were used. There are many religious images to reinforce that the website is a religion inspired website but then there are also images from Hollywood films used. For example there are a couple of images from Brokeback Mountain with quotes from the movie, these are used as a tool to show that the group is accessible to new members and to appeal to younger members who may be finding it difficult to come out in a devout Christian family. The website also uses video clips to show various religious messages, this could be an indication that the gay Christian 101 are now trying to appeal to a younger target audience.

There are many aspects of the website which suggest that the group are trying to create a sense of identity and this is clearly important to them. On the website there is a link to the "101 Community" by having their own community that people can join shows that the group has a unity which is highly important to them. In having this community they are able to build an identity and this will allow them to have a better stand in Christianity and the United States as a whole. Another aspect of the website which links with the idea of community is the link where you are able to "find a gay church," from this we can see the gay Christian 101 group are creating an identity for themselves and becoming known in communities, however they still have to have separated churches. The group clearly outlines their beliefs in the "About us" section of the website. In doing this, the gay Christian 101 have shaped their own identity and again like the sense community this allows them to have a greater stead in the United States and in particular in the Christian community.

Overall, it is clear that to this group that identity is a key way in which they can find their way into the Christian community. Although at the moment they are separated from other Christian communities they are able to practise their beliefs in churches which allows a strong sense of community and thus identity to grow.

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