Saturday, 21 January 2012

American Identity

The AAJC (Asian America Justice Center) is an organisation devoted the human and civil rights of Asian Americans. Founded in 1991 the sites use is purely to make America a safe and caring environment for the Asian community both and native and new, also allowing those in need of aid either upon arrival or during their residence in the country someone to turn to.For instance their vigilance towards hate crimes has ensured harsher punishments for those involved and the chances of these crimes should also significantly lessen due to the passing of comprehensive federal hate crime legislation, which is now law.
The site offers both job and learning opportunities for its users who, new to America will be looking to better themselves in order to have a higher chance of a better job opportunity also making living in America easier as 60% of the Asian American community are not born in America therefore the downward spiral into poverty is almost instantaneous due to their inability to speak the language. The sites provision of jobs in both the public and private sectors also enabling a more comfortable life for those wanting to live and work in America.

Due to the fact that 40% of the immigrants coming to America are Asian the site felt the need to address that despite the Asian immigrant work force being a huge cog in the American machine the issue of mass illegal immigration still needs to be addressed. So the organisation also devotes itself to combating this though I must mention that it also strives to fight against any state anti-immigration laws. The site also provides it's own census allowing for what it sees as a fairer head count when regarding Asian American's and Asian American Pacific Islanders.

The sites youth network allows the Asian American youth to convey their opinions to the site and contribute to future projects undertaken by the AAJC in order to allow for change in their communities. As well as offering jobs to students and graduates to work for the organisation itself to serve on a national advisory board in order to address the issues of racial equality in America today.

The site I feel seems to be running rather smoothly and sophisticated it addresses things like the issues racism and inequality that many Asian Americans may have experience or suffer and does its utmost to reduce these goings on. As well as helping to provide a new start for those just arrived in America which I have rarely seen in an online organisation. Even giving first time visitors to the website the opportunity to volunteer and help the site's progress. Though the site generally seems to fulfill its premise of creating a better environment for Asian Americans in general.

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