Sunday, 5 February 2012

I wouldn't say I am lazy, but i found a lovely website that gave other websites that argued the PRO and ANTI immigration views, so Decided to look no further. (

This website asks the question if illegal immigration is good for the United states of america. The illegal immigrant population account for 5% of the US working population. Walter Ewing argues that even though these immigrants don't get Medicare, social security and other services given to Americans and Legal immigrants, they still pay majority of the taxes they should and help the economies of the states they are concentrated in. For example in Texas the estimated 1.4 million immigrants contributed a staggering $18 Billion (WOW) to the states economic output. He goes on toe argue that if they gained legal status they would be able to contribute even more to the American economy. (Not sure about that) Then he goes on to state that undocumented immigration (such a nicer way of putting it... Illegal makes them sound so criminal) is an example of the broken immigration system.

However, the website thankfully gives another point of view... (

Mark kirkorian argues that illegal immigration floods the labour market especially in lower sectors, meaning legal not so qualified Americans struggle to find work at a decent pay rate. making minimum wage to much to pay for some employers. The Majority of these illegal immigrants lack High school education, (though in America that isn't exactly A+ education). He says it puts an extra burden of the tax payer, (surely not as much as bailing out the bankers) and contrary to what Walter above stated Mark says they don't pay much taxes as they earn so little and thus don't contribute to the American economy. He then rambles on stating how they flood market and entry level. But then states that what worked 100 years ago is no longer viable. And by keeping labour cheap, there is no incentive in investing into labour saving devices thus damaging the economic competitiveness in the future!

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