Sunday, 5 February 2012

Latino Immigration in South West America

In June 2001 The Federal Bank of Dallas released a rather mediated yet precise piece on the downside of the surplus amount of Latino immigrants passing through the South-West border each day. Those who are legal are more than welcome their commerce and hard work met with praise due to the journey made in order to feed or treat their families. Those who do not enter legally however have cost the state unfathomable amounts in order to tighten its border patrol by increasing in both workers and hours in order to keep out possible criminals and drug or people traffickers and other such individuals unwanted by the United States. The fact that there is no record of these people back in their own countries and there will be none in the US as they will be provided with fake documents heightens the likelihood of dangerous goings on especially if these people choose to frequent is Texas it is easier for them to disappear from the radar.

The source itself being from Dallas the third largest city in the state of Texas you can see how a bank the place which deals with commerce in its various forms would be concerned about such goings on. Illegal immigration has a major effect upon the economy and the people concerned are also in serious danger of being exploited by those who hire illegal immigrants therefore benefiting the black market and illegal professions such as prostitution and drug dealing not to say all who enter the US illegally will enter into said professions. The point is without these happenings the money could be put towards various things say a work program for those who wish to enter the US for the latter. Though there are families who do wish to escape a dangerous environment who should go through the proper procedures but are tarred with the same brush as those who enter the country for means of illegal activity.

The article also states that so called "coyotes" will be hired in order to find routes across the border who benefit the criminal underworld by raising their rates as the demand for migration to the US heightens so does the cost to enter the country illegally. The fact that this activity on the border rewards criminal organisations with large amounts of money and costs the state millions in defensive procedures it is easy to see how Texan society and the surrounding states would frown upon those crossing its borders illegally.

This particular site is devoted to making a legal move to the US for both men and women comfortable and cheap. They believe in equal opportunity and the fact that one is poor should not affect their chances of being able to start a new life. Their two biggest cases for pro immigration are escaping domestic violence and reuniting families thus making the world a better place and putting an emphasis on the fact that these people do not have the means to do this themselves so giving them assistance means fulfilling their right to have as much of a chance in life as those who can afford this opportunity.

The site itself seems more like a charity allowing those who wish it to become part of their pro immigration argument and join in by becoming a member, donating to the cause or starting up events to raise awareness and money. The charity bases itself around these events and being an almost entirely non-profit organisation focuses entirely on those it devotes itself to.

The charity itself I personally feel is one of the best solutions to combat illegal immigration on the whole it seems to be a way out for those considering to enter the US illegally and putting for a great sense of equality for those suffering under circumstances in which escape is almost unbelievable unless illegal means are adopted.

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