Sunday, 5 February 2012

Pro and Anti Latio Immigration

This website which is based around the group 'Legalize LA' is a pro latino immigration website. The site 'American Apparel' is a clothing based website however it has started a campaign to back up the 'Reform' for legal immigration. The site states that it wants to get companies and businesses involved in the reform as they are a main aspect of media and can get the voices of immigrants heard. The group focusess alot on the aspect of employement and how immigrants are a leading contributor to the work force and without them we would suffer. There is a section 'Meet our workers' where Latino American Apparel workers speak out about theyre views on immigration and there own personal experiences with being an immigrant in contemporary America.

Following on from this the site has links to pages where you can find out more about what Legalize LA does and how they pla to make a difference. Links to a series of interviews with the head people behind the company on how and why they are backing this campagne and chose to get involved. There is also a section where you can find out 'The top 10 facts about immigrants' where there is a list of positive facts about immigrants and how they are helpful contributors to the United States. This group shows that it heavily cares on this issue as alot of time and effort can cleary be seen to have been put in here. With a large nation company (American Apparel) backing the rights for immigrants it expresses even more the severity of the issue and how strong people feel towards it.

This website is the ani immigration website. It is a group called AIC and it is heavily against immigration. While the pro site celebrates the empoyement of immigrants this site opresses it blaming the immigrants for taking the work of Amecan citizens away from them and denying them their rights. The site rests heavily on and leads with the notion that all immigrants are 'Illegal alians.' The site to me came across almost racist and prejudice as calling them names such a alians is ultimatly dehumanising. The site has blogs, articles and an 'action alert' email so that members can be updated on issues. The site has a history page where it talks about the history of immigration and how that compares to it today.

The site accuses the system today of going against the values and morals of the founding fathers. That they didnt want 'Unlimited immigration' they only wanted a 'select few' to do jobs such as labour and engineering so that the previous settlers didnt have to. This is a very strong message to send out as Americans take their founding principles very seriously. So this compares to the pro site as the pro site seems to be wanting to look forward and make chage and positivity for these people, where as this anti site is relying on the past to almost try and guilt Americans into believeing in its principles by making them question their American values.

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