Sunday, 12 February 2012

Negative Review on Precious/ 'Push'

Thsis article primarily based on the movie 'Precious' rather than the book 'Push' shows a negative critique on the movie and is then counter argued by another critique who critisises his views. Armond White, the chief film critic of the New York press critisises the film for being 'Full of brazenly racist cliches' and that is demans the idea of black American life. I personally dont agree with this as the movie/book is not so much speaking as a representitive of the entire African American population and communities across the States, rather a portion of it. Minority or not it has happens and in some cases continues to happen but i think that being black himself the issue of this happening within your own culture hits nerves and some dont like to see it being displayed and talked about, rather more comfortable leaving it as a taboo.

White goes on deeper to aim his critique not just at the story itself but what it represents and to who. He claims that it is a 'Political fantasy' because it demeans blacks, women and poor people. This i think is an incredibly strong accusation to make about the American government and kind of takes away from the whole message and the point of the film/book. He goes on to suggest that this is a pattern within films focussed on African American identity suggesting that the films 'Cadillac Records' and 'Akeelah and the Bee' because they wernt negative enough. This again i believe shows his ignorance to the situation and his dismissle of what hapens within the society.

However Latoya Peterson editor in of critisises Whites view saying: “His review buys into the narrative that there can only be one acceptable presentation of black life,” Ms. Peterson said. “He’s flattening the black experience, and in that way, he denies our humanity.” This backs up my point about denial. Black heritage has many layers and many factors all that are real and all that have to be accepted. White is chosing not to accept this eliment of his heritage and culture which is disapointing as i feel it shows he is ashamed.

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