Sunday, 19 February 2012

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I have chosen a review of the film Precious by Ann Hornaday for the Washington Post and they have given the film 4 stars and describe the film as a 'rare gift' that will 'awaken the senses and send viewers into a world made radically new by invigorated alertness and empathy'. The reason why I chose this review is because of this statement as I believe that this was Sapphire's goal in making the novel into the film Precious.
The critique describes the character Precious as the film's beleaguered protagonist who introduces the viewers to unspeakable despair and 'manages to imbue them with exhilarating sense of hope'.

The critic then goes on to describe the film briefly with its plot and then actually refers to a question that Miss Rain asks Precious and relates it to the viewer/reader of the story with Precious, the question asked is "What does it mean when the author describes the pprotagonists circumstances as unrelenting?" - The critic thinks that this question is asked of Precious/Push as Precious is plagued by a stream of 'social ills'.

The critic finishes off her review by saying that at the end of the film the journey has been excruciatingly exhausting and deeply rewarding as this is how I felt having read the book and seen the film and although there are certain stereotypes such as Precious' mum being the 'welfare queen' but it is an eye opener. I also believe that Precious is not only a survivor of incest and abuse but also a survivor of the state education system.

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