Sunday, 5 February 2012

Pro and Anti Latino Immigration

The above website is an anti-Latino immigration website run by a public organisation named Numbers USA, dedicated to reducing immigrant numbers in the United States. Interestingly enough, they name themselves 'pro-immigration,' along with 'pro liberty' and 'pro worker;' and loudly encourage fair treatment of illegal immigrants. Yet their executive director states:

'The chief difficulties that America faces because of current immigration are not triggered by who the immigrants are, but by how many they are. The task before the nation in setting a fair level of immigration is not about race or some vision of a homogeneous white America; it is about protecting and enhancing the United States' unique experiment in democracy for all Americans, including recent immigrants, regardless of their particular ethnicity.'

They deny hostile feelings or actions towards immigrants, but advocate any laws being considered that will reduce the influx of immigrants and therefore increase the amount of work available to American nationals. They do not appear to consider what contributions immigrants may currently be making towards American society, and feel the surest way to deal with the problem is to place larger restrictions on countries, making immigration much harder than it currently is in order to discourage it. They refute what they call 'immigrant bashing' and, in what appears to be a disagreement or lack of faith in their government, claim that: 

'Perhaps the greatest "immigrant bashers" are those Members of Congress who refuse to look at the abysmal conditions of so many immigrant Americans, and who every year insist on adding more than a million more immigrants into their occupations, schools and communities.'

From this you could conclude that although they clearly disagree with allowing people to migrate to America on account of the growing population and consequential poor conditions, they are not hateful with their agenda and have honest, well-thought out intentions of appealing to Congress with reason.

The above website is a pro-Latino immigration website run by the Maryland Hispanic Bar Association or MHBA, an organisation comprised of Hispanic lawyers dedicated to promoting reform and protecting rights on behalf of Hispanics/Latinos. They 'facilitate the administration of justice' and 'foster respect of the law among Hispanics/Latinos'; for all intents and purposes, seemingly encouraging assimilation into American society.

The organisation was formed by Cuban-American attorney Mayda Colón Tsaknis residing in Maryland who, due to the 1990 census, realised the population of Hispanics was at 10%, and was likely to rise in the future - becoming the largest minority in 2005. She felt the issues for Hispanic Americans were continuing to grow and set about ensuring the protection of their rights by contacting all the Hispanic attorneys and leaders she could find and asking them to get involved.

Together they oppose issues of contention for the Hispanic community and even act as interpreters to ensure Hispanics have a fair trial. Judging by their acceptance of the Spanish language and encouragement of tradition, they do not appear to desire total integration with American society, yet hope to work side by side, the same and yet apart from. They appear to have been very successful in their endeavours to date as they state:

'The MHBA advocated for the appointment of highly qualified Hispanics to the bench in the State of Maryland. Through these efforts, Governor Parris Glendenning appointed two of MHBA’s shining stars as the first Hispanic judges in the state: the Honorable Audrey J.S. Carrion in Baltimore City, in 1996, and the Honorable Marielsa Bernard in Montgomery County, in 1998.'

There is little said regarding the problem of illegal immigration, and instead their aim is to, ' to remain ever vigilant regarding the legal rights of minorities, to advocate for the nomination of qualified Latino attorneys to the bench, and to advance the profession through service to the community.'

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