Saturday, 4 February 2012

Latino Immigration

The websites I looked at for this weeks blog were Casa de Maryland (Pro Latino immigration) and American Immigration Control (Anti Latino immigration).

Casa de Maryland is an organisation founded in 1985 that supports immigrants from Central America in a variety of ways such as: advice on healthcare, has community education centre and advice on finances. It was a group created in response to the human needs of thousands of Central Americans arriving in the D.C area and is currently recognised as the largest Latino and immigrant organisation in the state of Maryland. Over 20 000 Latino immigrants benefit from CASA’s work every year.American Immigration Control (AIC) is an organisation that differs greatly from Casa de Maryland. It is an organisation which is trying to control immigration in the United States and at this particular moment are very much focused on trying to control Latino immigration.

Both websites have contrasting views on the issue of Latino immigration. Casa de Maryland have recently set up a sister organisation called “Casa in action” which allows the group to protest and have their voice heard in society. They have used means such as questionnaires and attended political debates as a way in which to get a stand in the political world and very much believe that Latinos should have a place in politics. Overall it is a positive website that believe Latinos should have more of a stand in U.S society than they do at present and do not see Latino immigrants as a burden on U.S society but a part of U.S society. AIC, takes a much more negative approach and does see Latino immigrants as a burden on the USA. For example, when describing what the organisation does on its website the AIC say “AIC, founded in 1983, is about stopping the millions of illegal aliens who sneak across our border from Mexico every year.” The use of the word “sneak” is significant here as it is being used a tool to entice people to join this group and suggest that Latinos who cross the border are bad people. They also use words such as “strictly” and “demanding” which again come across negatively and show that there is more of a dislike/almost hatred for Latino immigrants.

Casa de Maryland and AIC are both organisations set up to deal with the issue of Latino immigration to America but as evidences previously they set out do this very different ways. One group is willing to welcome the immigrants, the other wants them deported. They also address the issues in very different ways and this is shown mainly through the language used on the website, Casa de Maryland being more positive, AIC being more negative. It is also interesting the Casa de Maryland uses images to show their beliefs whereas AIC uses graphs and statistics. Although both are using very different techniques, they have one aim and that is to appeal to their own target audience in a way to get support for their groups to allow them to hopefully get a step up in American Society.

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