Sunday, 5 February 2012

Pro and Anti Immigration Websites

The Website that I have chosen for my anti immigration website is an advocacy group called The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) -

This group is a non profit organisation who aims to stop illegal immigration, improve border controls by tracking immigration trends and its effects on American society and using this information to educate the American public on its impacts. The group has been founded since 1979 and is often in the public eye with various media forms such as television networks and radio stations interviewing them on their view of the immigration debate. They have a large following of over 250,000 members worldwide and believe that illegal immigration has a severe impact on education, health care, government budgets, employment, the environment and crime. Their main goals are to end illegal immigration and to limit legal immigration by increasing public awareness, informing academic, media and governmental figures and to influence public policy.

The website that I have chosen for my pro immigration website is a group called The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) which is a group that was founded in 1913 -

This group was initially founded to stop the defamation of Jewish people and aims to fight all forms of bigotry in the U.S. through education, legislation and advocacy. It aims to scrutinise and expose extremest groups and more recently acted as an advocacy group for pro immigration by shining a light on right wing, extremist hate groups that support anti immigration. They speak out about discrimination and aims to defend civil liberties for all. They encourage relationships between local law enforcement and have opposed policies that encourage racial profiling and discriminotory.

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