Friday, 23 March 2012

The 99%, the 1%, and Class Struggle

The aim of this piece by Dollars and Sense is to emphasize the benefits of solidarity between workers around the world and essentially uniting and forming various unions to solidify their bond allowing their jobs to become more beneficial. They outline the current situation for American workers or otherwise the” 99 percenters” not to allow the current job stagnation to go on as it could result in a far worse turn out as it already has the old stereotype being “the rich get richer….” The lack of independent business and most people relying on corporate labour for both jobs and products has been a huge factor in the contribution to the huge salaries of the 1%. As the corporations now have the financial security to charge less for their services whereas the independent businesses who cannot lower their prices are stuck with fewer an d fewer customers whereas the only people who can benefit from this are those who sweep up the commerce and buy out what Is left over, which could possibly be the end of independent business as we know it.

The problem being that in a capitalist society the employer benefits rather than the worker, because of the lack unification they are not the majority therefore ours is a disposable existence when it comes to work and this is what the article has attempted to draw light upon.

As well as this the piece outlines the fact that now more and more Americans are actually making money from property rather than working in general, if they are able to work for a certain amount of time or build a suitable house using whatever means they have in order to rent it to others. Which contributes in a sense that, if others can make money by renting rather than working then they are able to get rich of those who have bought the house and pay for its upkeep.

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