Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Homosexual Identity in America - That's So Gay.

I have chosen a comical spoof video from "That's Gay". The reason why I have chosen this is that it has actual news clips with pastors and politicians comparing gay marriage to peaodophillia and beastiality with referenve to 'Gay Penguins' which is putting a funny twist on how America sensationalises homosexuality as being so wrong and un-natural.

The video also goes on to ridicule the 'sactity of marriage' with clips from reality talk shows of couples who are admitting or have been caught cheating on one another which is showing that the institution of marriage is not as respected by everyone so what exactly are those opposing same sex marriages, protecting?

Another section of the video clip touches on the subject of children within same sex marriages and as to whether they would understand the situation. This is then ridiculed by the presenter saying thst children do not understand alot such as spelling,m numbers and time zomes, indicating that this could be something that the child would be able to understand in due course.

I feel that in regards to gay and lesbian identity, this video shows that in contemporary USA, people are just afraid of the idea of relationships and marriage being redefined as historically, people have believed that it is an existential threat to the development of America and threatens family values.

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