Monday, 12 March 2012

Religious Faith in America

I have chosen Scientology as my American faith group for this weeks blog task, mainly as it is the most recent of faith groups and perhaps the one I know the least about, plus it is fast becoming a contemporary faith within the United States which is highly criticised and controversial.

Scientology was first created by L.Ron Hubbard in 1952 and he incorporated Scientology as a religion in New Jersey in 1953. The main teachings within Scientology are that people are known as immortal beings that may have forgotten what their true nature is.

The website for this religion that I have chosen is for the church of Scientology for Washington DC. The website starts. With sections that go into detail as to what Scientology is by detailing that it is a recognised religion that "offers tools anyone can use to become happier and more able as a person and to improve conditions in life for himself and others". In this section of the website you are also given some information on the meaning of the word 'Scientology' and more of its beliefs along with why it is a religion as it meets the 3 criterion that religious scholars use when examining religions. These are - the beliefe is some Ultimate Reality i.e. Supreme Being, Religious practices directed towards understanding and a community of believers who join together in the pursuit of the ultimate reality.
There is also the chance to view its basic principles and beliefs in a video or text format.

Other parts of the website advise the reader of L.Ron Hubbard who is the creator of the religion and details his philosophy and the details of his Dianetics techniques which is the modern science of mental health. Along with this you are able to search for Scientology churches, materials that you are able to purchase and how to "get started" with Scientology as a religion.

I feel that this religion is more of a self help belief as it is a complete lifestyle change from personal well being, thinking clearly, how to ease unhappiness, stress, anxiety and depression, how to improve and maintain a successful marriage plus being able to acknowledge integrity, honest, right and wrong and generally improve life.

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