Sunday, 4 March 2012

This video shows a scene from an episode of 'Will and Grace' a popular US sitcom about a group of 3 friends two of which are gay. As a show in general they depict two different types of homosexual male. Will being the more reserved and conservative abbout his sexuality and Jack being the more open and 'sterotypical gay'. This I think makes the show appealing and looks good for the gay community. This is because it shows a more realistic approach to the gay community whereas alot of other films and tv shows ive seen have represented all gay people as being more camp and over the top about their sexuality.

In this particular scene the three of them are watching an episode of Glee where the gay couple are about to have sex for the first time. All three appear excited about the prospect of this happening and comment on how this is a great moment for the gay community. I think that shows progression within society today as not so long ago, for example in the 1950's and 60's, homosexuality was seen almost like a disease and was a very taboo and hated on lifestyle.

However in the episode of Glee they were watching the camra moves to another scene so you dont see them do anything more than kissing and the three get annoyed that they wernt shown it. I think this shows a negative side still to the acceptance of homosexuality in America. Straight sex is in movies and on the television all of the time showing everything and people have just accepted that. However gay sex on tv is very rare and i think that this is because the prospect of it is still an uncomfortable subject and somthing some can still get offended by therefore not shown to its full extent in the media.

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