Sunday, 25 March 2012


Anon or Anonymous is a basic way of being online. Now one is who they seem. When you sign up for an identity online you can in fact fake it. This has meant that although many of us are who we say we are, people can infact create fake identities or in fact lie and make themselves out to be something they are not. Even if they are who they say they are, the ability to have you identity hidden means many people can be very violent and abusive online.

Now for me this is worrying, it is said that people display their true colours when they are put in a position of power. You get this online, you are immune from physical attack and in most cases judicial power. This means that what you see online is the true nature of people. THIS IS VERY WORRYING!!! Online forums are always a post away from turning into an insult fest. People constantly insult people because their ideas differ. their are no debates online only arguments involving words such as nigger, dick, asshole. Penis sizes are often compared and insulted.

Now on some forums there is tight moderation which helps this, but the moment that is taken away or before it can be enforced hell is literally broken loose. o obviously the hidden identity is used for sinister means such as paedophilia and other illegal activities. But the fact that your everyday joe or joanna is going out and insulting people without even thinking how there is always insults after insults and constant comparison of penis size... is very worrying.disagreements quickly become "flaming" etc. It is very worrying that this is what people do the moment that everyday morals and everyday law is no longer taken into account. Soon we will need a police force online.

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