Sunday, 11 March 2012

Religious Tolerence is a primarily Christian denomination website which I chose to look at as I was unlike any other religious organisatio I have seen before. It takes religious believes and takes them and uses them for their good and moral message to others no matter what background or religious orientation they come from. It states that even though they base themselves a Christian they have got memebers who are Atheist, Agnostic, Wiccan, Buddist and so on.

They dont believe in descrimination against anybody and make a point of saying that they feel everyone is entitled to a voice and all should be treated as equals. This therefore relates to American society as it shows the organisatio is pro Affirmative Action. They talk about the importance of every body as being equals whether that be sexual orientation, gender, race or religion etc. This therefore separates themselves from other religious denominations i have come across as it is evident in the Christian church that homosexuality is not accepted.They do define themselves however as being a democratic group, which makes sense considering their liberal views on topics which are somtimes frown upon by the republican party. They also believe that the governement should not control religion or religious groups and not promote one over another. This therefore suggests that they are not anti American government as such but they are against government control and feel they can survive without it.

Unlike other religious groups or denominations i have seen this group accnowledges the negative and unreliable aspects of religion. Higlighting that they understand the doubts that people have and aims to try to explain and work through peoples questions. They acknowledge that prayer can be an 'unsuccesfull' and 'unreliable' way of communicationg with God and how the concept with good vs evil within religion can be confusing. This shows a different side to American society through religion in my opinion. Americans can sometimes be accused of having on rose tinted glasses when it comes to religion, believing in the bible to literally and chosing not to acknowledge the realities of life vs religion, making them almost apear as if they are unrealistic and not down to earth. This group however acknowledges, accepts and talks about that, in my opinion therefore making the group more personable and relatable as eith other relions/groups it can almost feel as if you have to buy into somthing that you dont 100% agree with or respect.

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