Sunday, 4 March 2012

Gayness in the US

The following will make no sense due to the uncontrolled rage listening to the following videos made me:
and more...
This video is great because not only is it a news report it also has phone ins from everyday Americans with their opinions. It is very strong. The general idea is the ones for it say they have rights too etc. etc. The ones against it say it defies god or that it is morally wrong.

However the majority of people are polarised, it is either very wrong or very right. I think to understand this though you need to look deeper, into politics. The right left divide comes into it, However I don't feel that it is fair on the right to criticise them. This is where my political views will start making me bias. But it is safe to say that the most vocal opponents were right wing Christians. However I think that their is much more under the surface. the left wing anti gays will be quiet, there are many more people who say they are for it but are actually against it, that came out in the video. People get uncomfortable talking about it. The last caller hit the nail on the head "why are we spending so much time on it"... He seems uncomfortable talking about it.

America is mean to be land of the free but the truth is since its revolution it lost a democratic parliament that Britain had and now has... and became what it is today. It is SICKENING

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