Sunday, 18 March 2012

Rant about american class-ism
Warning rant following

I wanted to look at a different side of America. The poverty idea, though shocking, was too samey. Every country in the world has poor people, the lower class are to busy feeling jealous of the middle class and hatred toward the upper class. The middle class is too busy being jealous of the upper class while worrying about loosing their middle classness. That no one does anything, they all write books on it or attack the super rich because they dont pay $5000 of tax or something.

Yet what most people miss is that America has no social mobility. Those at the top stay at the top. They dont get hurt by the economic downturn, in fact the probably get more money more loans. If any of the big companies start to fail then everyone rushes to bail them out. The reason that nothing is sorted out economically is the top are not suffering a economic downturn... Trust you me if all the MPs or Congressmen were in trouble of being out of jobs then the world economy would be sorted in 4 hours and world debt would not exist.

However in America the upper class the ruling class the monarchy, if you like. Don't know about this they don't listen all are too busy making too much money... and thinking they would have to take a pay cut about it is too horrible. They can't tax the rich more they'll just move away cos they don't care as long as your not taking even more than half their income. The middle class dont want to lose comfort and the poor have no money.

"As over-leveraged investment houses began to fail in September 2008, the leaders of the Republican and Democratic parties, of major corporations, and opinion leaders stretching from the National Review magazine (and the Wall Street Journal) on the right to the Nation magazine on the left, agreed that spending some $700 billion to buy the investors' "toxic assets" was the only alternative to the U.S. economy's "systemic collapse." In this, President George W. Bush and his would-be Republican successor John McCain agreed with the Democratic candidate, Barack Obama. Many, if not most, people around them also agreed upon the eventual commitment of some 10 trillion nonexistent dollars in ways unprecedented in America. They explained neither the difference between the assets' nominal and real values, nor precisely why letting the market find the latter would collapse America. The public objected immediately, by margins of three or four to one."

No one cares... Everyone is inherently selfish... What a shame. Example of this is Saudi Arabia and Libya. In Saudi Arabia they are the same as in Libya yet they have a health care and they are all well off. In Libya they were not, so the rebelled. People only care about themselves!

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